Our vision

To achieve an internationally competitive and robust corporate tax system under which large corporates willingly meet their tax obligations in a timely and transparent manner

Our objectives

  • To increase community and Government awareness around the effectiveness and integrity of the Australian corporate tax system and the significant and ongoing contribution large business makes to Australia
  • To influence and develop tax policy that contributes to a corporate tax system under which large corporates cooperatively meet their tax obligations within a globally competitive tax system
  • To improve the administration of the corporate tax system and reduce the cost of compliance
  • To facilitate the implementation of best practice among our members by promoting corporate transparency and assisting and supporting them in their interactions with the Australian Taxation Office, the Treasury and Government
  • To provide ongoing peer support and thought leadership through an ongoing program of initiatives aimed at supporting our members’ professional development

How we seek to achieve our objectives

  • By working constructively and maintaining regular contact with the Government and Opposition, the Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office
  • Through the publication and distribution to members of materials relevant to managing a tax function in a large corporation
  • Through the publication of documents to the wider community on the operation of the corporate tax system and the contribution large corporate taxpayers make to the Australian economy
  • By maintaining regular and personal contact between members and the Secretariat
  • By leading discussion group meetings and working groups between members on general tax issues and specific issues
  • Through liaising with other industry associations, the Board of Taxation and other regulatory bodies such as the Inspector General of Taxation

Administrative structure

The Corporate Tax Association is governed by an elected Executive Committee and managed by a full time Secretariat

Executive Committee

Kelly Wong (President) – Lendlease

Marc Lewis (Vice President) – Woodside Energy

Jo McLellan (Treasurer) – Domain Group

Zennia Csikos – Schneider Electric

Brett Andersen – Pacific National

Premila Roe – BHP

Jo McLellan – Domain Group

Anthony Portas – Rio Tinto

Clint Collins – REA Group

Kate Boyd – Suncorp

Glen Gaspar – Shell

Kimberley Simpson – Cochlear


Executive Director – Michelle de Niese

Assistant Director – Paul Suppree

Senior Tax and Policy Advisor – Stephanie Caredes

Consultant – David Fox

Executive Secretary – Letty Suero